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Do cataracts spread from eye to eye?
How do I put in the eye drops?
Has my cataract been caused by overuse of my eyes?
Are there different kinds of cataract?
What is a cataract?
Is there anything else I have to do to care for my eye?
Does the cataract reoccur?
Will my eyes be covered after the operation?
Will I feel any pain after the operation?
Is there a link between diabetes and cataracts?
Are cataracts just a part of getting old?
Can children have cataract?
I didn’t know that I had a cataract until my ophthalmologist told me – is that normal?
I feel that I need to go to an ophthalmologist more often to get new glasses.
When do I have my cataract treated?
Do cataract operations have any complications?
What to think about?
Structure of the Eye
What is glaucoma?
What causes glaucoma?
What Creates Pressure within the eye?
Are some people at increased risk of developing ?
What should I do if I fall into one or more of these risk categories?
How is glaucoma treated?
Are there are any other types of treatments ?
Eye drops & glaucoma
How Should I take my eye drops?
What if my glaucoma cannot be fully controlled?
What are the different types of glaucoma?
What is diabetic eye disease?
What is the most common diabetic eye disease?
What are its symptoms?
Who is most likely to get diabetic retinopathy?
How is diabetic retinopathy detected?
Can diabetic retinopathy be treated?
Can diabetic retinopathy be prevented?
How common are the other diabetic eye diseases?
What research is being done?
What can you do to protect your vision?
What is retinal detachment?
Treatment of retinal detachment
The anaesthetic: local
The anaesthetic: general
The surgery
After the operation
The benefits of retinal detachment surgery
The risks of retinal detachment surgery
Possible complications after the operation
Further surgery
What vision can I expect after my treatment?
What is the Macula?
What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration?
Symptoms may include :
Protecting Your Eyes
Lutein and zeaxanthin content per 100g of vegetables
The optometrist or ophthalmologist may use :
Treatment and Follow-up
Adapting to AMD
Eccentric Viewing
Amsler Grid
What is a macular hole?
Treatment of macular hole
The anaesthetic:local
The anaesthetic:general
The surgery
After the operation
Instructions for face down posturing
How long must I posture for?
What can I not do during this period?
Steroid injections around the eye (peri-ocular steroid)?
Steroid injections into the eye (intraocular steroid)?
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